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Which solution is more suitable for cold storage, shuttle racking or driving-in racking?


Which solution is more suitable for cold storage, shuttle racking or driving-in racking?

Nowadays, many industries need to use cold storage for storing goods. For example, in the food industry, there are many cold storages. Because of the low temperature of the cold storage, the operating cost is higher than that of the room temperature storage. Therefore, the cold storage racking used for the storage of goods in the cold storage, many companies will also choose the storage racks that can make full use of the cold storage space, store more goods, and improve the efficiency of the cold storage operation. Types of. Common storage racks used for cold storage include drive-in storage racks and shuttle racks. Let's take a look at which is more suitable for cold storage. Drive-in warehouse racks, also called through-type racks or drive-in racks, are a kind of highrise racks with a shelf height of up to 10 meters. Reduce the warehouse channel space, the forklift directly enters the cargo lane to deposit and withdraw the goods, increase the storage capacity of the goods, and increase the warehouse utilization rate by 5 times.Because of the large storage capacity and high storage density, it has become a type of storage shelf that is very popular in cold storage. Shuttle racks are automated storage racks, which are high-density semi-automatic storage systems composed of racks, shuttles and forklifts. The way of deposit and withdrawal of goods can be first-in first-out or first-in-last-out. The use of shuttles to realize the automatic storage of goods, and there is no need to reserve too many forklift channels. The same point as entering the through-type warehouse rack is the large storage capacity of the goods and the high storage density. The difference is that the shuttle rack is an automated storage rack, which has faster storage efficiency and greater space utilization. The drive-in rack could not. If you want to improve the efficiency of cold storage, shuttle racks are more suitable. For more information about shuttle racks, please contact Shanghai Calin Logistic Equipment Co.,Ltd.


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