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What are the VNA racking requirements on the warehouse floor?


What are the VNA racking requirements on the warehouse floor?


The VNA racking warehouse are most widely used in pharmaceuticals, home appliances, machinery / auto parts warehouses and supermarket distribution centers. VNA is more suitable for storage-type warehouses. The volume of stored goods is large, the goods received and dispatched more frequently and have higher picking requirements for the goods.

For some warehouses, there are requirements for inspection of goods and picking of small pieces of material. Manual work combined with high-level picking and stacking machines is a very flexible solution. The available net height of the warehouse is high, more than 8M, and the maximum lifting height is not more than 16M according to the VNA forklift limit. 

what are the requirements on the warehouse floor for VNA Racking?

1. For the logistics warehouse, the flatness of the floor in the narrow aisle (VNA) rack area is a very important factor that directly affects the warehouse's operating efficiency and operating costs.   There are clear requirements for this in the European standard EN25620-2008. The level of the ground should not exceed 15mm of the reference point.

2. The design of the VNA narrow aisle shelf racking system should be better coordinated by the racking company to cooperate with the civil design institute during the drawing stage of the warehouse design. In this way, it can be fully considered that the layout of the building columns does not affect the racks, and the space can be effectively used. It is also necessary to provide reasonable ground average load and concentrated load parameters according to the customer's shelf layers and cargo weight.

3. Considering that the height of the VNA rack is generally between 10-15 meters, it is necessary to make special seismic design for the shelf racking structure. If there are conditions, finite element analysis and calculation should be carried out to select the racking structure.

4. Due to the narrow aisle, when the forklift is driving in the roadway, the redundancy is very small, so the forklift guidance system must be considered. According to the selection of VNA forklift, there are three types to choose from

a. The ground on both sides of the aisle is set with 100mm angle steel guide rails, and the guide wheels on the bottom of the forklift are used to clamp the guide rails to ensure the linearity of the forklift driving (the bottom of the shelf needs to increase the beam, and the overall load of the column increases);

b. Forklift company lays magnetic wires in the middle ground of the aisle, and the magnetic guide guides the forklift to go straight in the aisle (no angle steel guide rail is needed, and the goods at the bottom of the shelf are placed directly on the ground).

c. The secondary pouring of cement in the angle steel guide rail is constructed by the civil construction party (the goods at the bottom of the shelf are placed directly in the secondary pouring layer in the guide rail, and the impact strength of the guide rail increases).

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