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Warehouse storage mezzanine floor



Warehouse storage mezzanine floor is an effective way to make good use of any free vertical space available in your warehouse. Warehouses typically have very limited usable floor space, due to much of the area often being taken up by your storage solutions, such as racking and shelving.

By using the vertical space with the installation of Warehouse storage mezzanine floor, you can not only make it less congested on the main floor, but also give yourself additional space to use. 


Installing warehouse storage mezzanine floor allow you to potentially double your available floor space. This allows you to increase your current operational efficiency and plan for the long-term expansion of your business. To increase space further, multi-tier mezzanine flooring provides multiple levels to use for your operations. Whether it’s increasing storage capacity, installing additional machinery, or creating new office space, mezzanine floors are the ideal solution.



Building a Warehouse storage mezzanine floor over your existing storage space (assuming you’re not using space in the vertical direction) can effectively double the floor space available to you. This extra space could have a substantial impact on your operations, helping to avoid the cost of moving premises and fit more into your existing capacity.


Cost – Industrial rack mezzanine are one of the most cost-effective solutions for increased storage space. They provide the increased storage space required for an expanding business or enterprise. This allows for business expansion without the same extensive costs of relocating to larger premises. 

Increased Return on Investment – The addition of a mezzanine floor to any warehouse or distribution center will result in an increased return on investment. Increased floor and storage space of up to 50% allows for faster product turnover with more materials able to be stored at any given time. With the right equipment such as a goods lift or conveyor belt, the raised storage space can also increase productivity.