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huttle Rack for Cold Store 

  1. Product Specifications: 

Shuttle rack for Cold Store, is also called cold warehouse pallet shuttle system, pallet runner system cold store, radio shuttle cold store system, which is a deep lane storage and retrieval system in a cold warehouse environment.

The shuttle rack system consists of a specific rack and a mobile shuttle.  The shuttle is applicable to high-density storage system. The shuttle is used together with manual forklift to separate the storage and transport processes of goods. The shuttle takes the goods in and out of storage with wireless remote control, while the manual forklift transports the goods. The forklift doesn't enter the storage area. The storage command for goods is sent by forklift operator through wireless remote controller. The operator can also terminate the action under execution by shuttle through wireless remote control. The first goods allocation at the entrance is where the forklift moves in and out the goods.

The equipment can be widely used in various fields such as army, pharmacy, foods, beverage, freezer, machinery, flexible wire, storage, appliances, metallurgy, ports, airports, commercial and high-tech etc. for storing and handling the goods in the warehouse. It can effectively reduce labor intensity, improve space efficiency, reduce storage costs and improve enterprise management level.

2. Shuttle rack system structure:

2.1 The shuttle racking system:


 1. Frames

2. Double Support Arms

3. Supporting Beams.

4. Pallet rails

5.Single Support Arm

6. Bracings.

7. Top Beam 

2.2 Pallet shuttle:


2.3 Batteries and remote:



3. Warehouse conditions/Cold Store


Please pay attention to the following points when operating a pallt shuttel system in a cold store.

  • Keep the shuttle always INSIDE the Cold Store
  • But charge the batteries always OUTSIDE the Cold Store
         charge only after warming up to normal temperature
  • So in 3 shift applications best to use 3 battery packs :

                  1 working in the shuttle

                  1 warming up

                  1 charging in the battery station。

  • Battery and shuttle must be completely dry before connecting
  • For existing Cold Store Rooms check for condensation or icing on rails, floors
  • For NEW Cold Store Warehouses check if a intermediate area is foreseen between ambient and frozen zone, humidity around a frozen storage zone is prohibited

4. Packaging and Delivery:

1).Packaging details: Standard export package.

Long profiles are packed in bundles on plywood or steel pallets, and covered by plastic films. Between each package, air bags are also filled if necessary. For the thinner material such as steel decking, Edge protectors are applied. The small accessories and fasteners are packed inside of the carton boxes and fixed on pallets.

2).Delivery time: For the standard products, Our delivery time is 3 weeks after receipt of the 30% deposit. Other special application of racks can be delivered within 4-5 weeks.