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Selective Pallet racking
1. Product Description:

Selective pallet rack is the most common of all storage system for palletize goods. It is compatible with all type of handling equipment. It is efficient and 100% selectivity. It is simple and good for first in first out application. Its disadvantage is low utilization of floor space. The system is found in warehouse, super market, distribution center etc. 

2. Basic Components: 
Selective pallet racking is composed of basic element such as frames and beams. It also consists of a full range of accessories to fulfill all of your requirements. The system is designed for the optimized storage of goods of all sizes and weights. 


Available accessories: 

The optional accessories include Corner guard, Barrier, Frame protector, Pallet support bar, Wire mesh decking, Grating panel, Steel shelves, etc. 

The finish of all painted parts is an Epoxy-powder coating polymerized at 180 °C. 
The standard colors are RAL 5015 (= sky blue) for the frames and RAL 2004 (=pure orange) for the beams. Protectors are painted in RAL 1004 (= golden yellow). Some smaller parts have a galvanized finishing. Special colors are available on request. 

3. Beam Loading Chart: 

Beams Specification   Clear Entry (mm) Deflection<1/200
1500   1800   2000   2300   2500   2700   3000   3300   3600   3900
B80*50*1.5 4000 2800 2200 1700 1500 1200 1000 850  

4200 3400 2800 2500 2100 1700 1400 1200 

4500 3300 2800 2500 2200 1800 1500 1200

4000 3400 3000 2600 2200 1800 1500

4500 3800 3200 3000 2600 2000

4800 4200 3800 3300 2800

4. Advantages and Key benefits·
Complies with international norms and regulations
· Wide range of basic components for storage of all pallet sizes and weights. 
· Many standard accessories to meet every storage need you can imagine
· Computer aided design ensuring the best solution for every application, including static calculations
· Rigid and stable construction
· High quality of finish
· Easy and quick installation
· Mass volume production to offer very cost effective products

5. Company Introduction:


6. RFQ Documents: 

Before you send us your requirement for quotation, please prepare the following information: 

  1. Warehouse layout CAD drawings if available. 
  2. Pallet size, entry side, width, depth, height of goods. 
  3. Loading weight per pallet. 
  4. Clear height of the warehouse
  5. Your forklift information, working aisles width and max. Reaching height. 
  6. Your intra logistic flow within the warehouse. 
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