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Rapid development of warehouse racking industry in China


Rapid development of warehouse racking industry in China


Warehouse racking has been known as wide variety of types, which can be designed in two or more layers according to the actual site and requirements. It can be loaded into infinite goods in limited space. Pallet rack, cantilever rack and mezzanine are the three most common types of warehouse racking, which are basically available to enterprises with warehouses. 

Warehouse racking is one of the most popular and economical rack forms, which can be used in various warehouses and can store goods directly. It is the most simple and extensive racking type. Warehouse racking was varied, pertinence, modern warehouse racking also may carry on the design and manufacture according to customer's requirements, to create the most suitable space warehouse racking to maximize the development of positive and effective use of space. Using the pallet access method, it can effectively cooperate with forklift truck loading and unloading, greatly improving the working efficiency. In today's modern rapid urbanization and industrialization development, warehouse racking to display important and positive role, warehouse racking refers to storage the goods racks, and that holds stereotypes keep items, warehouse racking of warehouse management in the modern industrialization, as well as according to know the status of the logistics industry, not only in the supermarket also display a positive role in the management. 

With Chinese economic and social development step speeding up, the development of industrialization and urbanization fast, higher and higher to the demand of the warehouse racking, strongly pushing warehouse racking market vigorous development. Warehouse shelves for storage and irregular long material goods and various goods, ingenious structure, good load capacity, rate and work efficiency can greatly enhance the utilization of warehouse, suitable for small space, warehouse shelf price high and low warehouse, not only to facilitate governance, and broad vision, high utilization rate.


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