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Radio Shuttle System operational requirements


Radio Shuttle System operational requirements



For a good operation and due to the fact the shuttle is a moving transport device, a  good quality pallet is required. The pallet surface should be closed (no mesh patterns), unless stated otherwise.


  • Wooden pallets of good quality, allowing the span between the 2 pallet-rails, with a maximum pallet deflection of 20mm
  • The supporting blocks are at the perimeter of the pallet
  • The pallet and/or load have a fully closed strip in the middle for the detection of the sensors


Not acceptable or to be tested for approval:

  • Damaged pallets
  • Pallets with too high deflection
  • Pallets with an open bottom construction
  • Containers and metal support structures



In case of plastic wrapping, loose strips must be avoided.


  • Pallet-overloading in depth: max 200mm (bulging or misalignment) from bottom to top
  • Pallet-height: max 2500mm
  • Pallet-weight: max 1500kg uniformly distributed


Not acceptable:

  • Pallet-overloading in depth  of more than 200mm on each side
  • Unstable loading  (ex. liquids, non-wrapped carton boxes, … )
  • Explosive goods, toxic materials, acids, aggressive, flammable goods…


Ambient conditions

  • Operating temperature: from -30°C to +35°C
  • Relative humidity: max 80%
  • Shuttle better always remains in the  cold-store environment
  • Before switching on the power again the shuttle must be dry (no condensation)
  • Best use 3 battery packs for cold store: 1 working; 1 warming up to normal temp, 1 charging


Not acceptable:       

Dusty, sandy, humid, combustible,… environments

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