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Questionnaire for Pallet Rack Proposal Design


Questionnaire for Pallet Rack Proposal Design


Warehouse Basic Conditions

1.Warehouse Overall Dimensions。(Please mark the related dimensions and provide with Autocad version of the correct warehouse drawings.)

Basic warehouse dimensions includes:

  1. Length   b. Width  c. Clear height  d. Columns(if any) and locations

e. Warehouse Entrance locations, dock, etc.  f. Goods flow, in and out.

Please pay attention to the following(if any, please mark in the drawings.):

Fire Hose

Fire Box

Sprinkler Systems

Lighting Systems

Electrical control panel

Emergency Exit

Dock level and Platform

2.Warehouse Operation Conditions

a. Please specify the warehouse area:

Such as Receiving Area, Buffer area, Inspection area, Packing area, Picking area, Return area, Office area, etc.

b. Warehouse Type(Please tick“√”):

 Single floor□   Multi-Level floor□   Freezing Warehouse□

Other remarks:                                                                   


Goods, Pallets, Packing Unit information 

1.  Pallet and goods information

Pallet(with goods) Dimensions







Fork Entry side


Weight (KG)with goods


Is there any overhang


   How many (SKU)s of goods to be stored:…………….;

Approximately required pallet locations……………。




  1. 2.      Other storage containers information(if any)

Carton Box:               Plastic Bins:           Metal Containers:





Quantity to b e stored.







Fork lift and other material handling equipment information.

1.  Forklift information

Forklift information

Overall length-L(mm)


Overall Width-B(mm)


Max. Lifting-H3(mm)


Overhead Guard-H1(mm)


Mast Height-H2(mm)


Turning Radius-WA(mm)


Working Aisle-AST(mm)


2.Other material handling equipmentif any

a. Picking trolley: width:……………length:……………

b. ladder: Height:……………

Other information

Do you have existing racking? If yes, from which company?……….


Other additional in formations:



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