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What are the VNA racking requirements on the warehouse floor?

The VNA racking warehouse are most widely used in pharmaceuticals, home appliances, machinery / auto parts warehouses and supermarket distribution centers. VNA is more suitable for storage-type warehouses. The volume of stored goods is large, the goods received and dispatched more frequently and have higher picking requirements for the goods.

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Heavy Duty mobile racking project supplied to Thailand

Shanghai Calin Logistics has been awarded the contract of heavy duty electrical mobile racking project for Thailand. This project is planned to be implemented in two phases. Floor guided rail for mobile racking was set up in Jan. of 2020. and the whole mobile rack system will be installed and completed by mid of March, 2020.

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Long span Rack for Textile cloth rolls storage

Calin has just completed a heavy duty long span racking project for one of the international market leader for Textile and fiber industry. The warehouse is located in Zhejiang province, it is equipped with heavy duty long span rack up to 9m high, with 3.3m clearance of long span beams. It has 4-8 storage levels.

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Deep frozen radio shuttle car supplied to Peru, South America

Shanghai calin Logistic Equipment company received a repeated order for 7 units of radio shuttle cars from our client in Peru, South America. Calin shuttles have already been operated in this client's deep frozen cold store two years ago, another two units of shuttles were purchased by this client at that time and the product features can meet the client's satisfaction.

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Long span racking project exported to Mauritius.

For our client in Mauritius, we has just supplied industrial long span shelving. it has 2400mm long span clear entry, 6 levels of storage for 200kg/level, with a standard of 600/1200 in depth

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Calin Supply Heavy duty pallet racking to Thailand.

Calin logistics has just supplied in August a heavy duty racking systems to our client in Thailand

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