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New mobile racking system project completed



New mobile racking system project completed   dated: 2019/1/19


Shanghai Calin Logistics has just completed an electrical mobile racking project for the factory of Neoperl group located in the South of China. This project was implemented in two phases. Floor guided rail for mobile racking was set up in December of 2018. It took 2 weeks to set up, adjust and fix the floor rails. The mobile racking parts was assembled during two weeks time.


This project can offer nearly 3000 pallet locations. Mobile racking area offer 2000 locations while selective pallet rack offer 1000 locations. The selective racking area has been already embedded with floor rail which can be changed into mobile racking for future expansion. The current solution can meet the existing storage capacity. Considering future business growth, the existing selective pallet rack can be removed and fixed on our mobile carriages and installed as a new mobile racking system.  This change will not damage the existing floor as well.


The mobile racking is 6.5m high, with 5 storage levels. Every bay of racking is equipped with pallet support bars, pallet stopper, wire mesh fencing, column protectors, barriers, etc. It has a high degree of safety operation.


This is a strategic project for Shanghai calin to focus on mobile racking projects. Mobile racking may be considered as a segmented Niche market for industrial storage racking market. However, It is one of the best solution in some circumstances for high density compact storage and 100% selective. Shanghai Calin logistic Equipment Co.ltd focus more on mobile racking application, and we have already successfully implemented a number of mobile racking projects. It makes Calin Logistics become one of the professional and experienced Mobile Racking Suppliers in China. We are ready to offer good mobile racking system to other countries as well. Developing mobile racking export business also become a strategic target for our business development.

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