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  1. Product Introduction:

The mobile racking storage system, which is also called electrical mobile racking system, is composed of Conventional pallet racking installed on mobile bases, allowing opening and closing of the aisles. Where compact storage is need while keeping a high degree of accessibility to the stored products, mobile racking may be the best solution, especially where storage space is expensive, for example in cold stores. Mobile racking saves considerable space as the number of aisles is reduced to a minimum. 

Conventional static racking requires fixed aisles between racks, causing quite some redundant space. A mobile racking system is very efficient and only needs one aisle, creating a much higher warehouse industrial storage capacity. 


  • Remote and computer-controlled storage
  • Direct access to any pallet
  • Efficient use of space

The mobile racking units are installed on mobile bases, opening up an aisle provides direct access to the desired pallet. Utilization of available space is based on to two basic premises: increasing the storage capacity and reducing the storage area required.

2.  Product Features:


Model NO.: 

MR 90


Steel Q235B


Jiangsu, China



Frame Height: 


Beam Clear entry:


Mobile Capacity:

Max. 36 tons /unit



Payment Terms

T/T, L/C

Wheels size

Dia. 200-250mm

Delivery deadline:

3-4 weeks




Mobile Pallet Rack

HS Code:  



Warehouse Rack

Finish treatment:

Powder Coated

Frame Depth:


Loading Capacity

500kg-4000kg per level

Moving speed:

7-8m per minute

Floor Rail:

Guided/Flat rail


1 20' container


Shanghai Port

Transport Package: 

Packed on Pallets and wrapped with Films



3. Mobile base components: 

The mobile base is assembled on-site and is composed of a number of pre-assembled and single components. 
- A number of wheel-trains; 
- Beams; 
- Horizontal bracings, with fixed length, not adjustable; 
- Various small components

4. Floor rail setting up.


5. Mobile racking after-sales maintenance:

5.1  The maintenance response

Once we receive a formal notification from a client for any service of rack system, the response must be made within 24 hours, and solve the problems as soon as possible.

 5.2  Wearing parts and spare parts

To provide some spare parts in the warehouse when placing the order.

During the warranty period, if there is any defect of the material, the spare parts are provided free of change. After the end of warranty, only charge the cost of spare parts materials.

Items to be checked during Inspection of Mobile Racking:

1     Upright straightness

2     deformation of beam

3     Beam configuration is consistent with the original design and its rationality

4     Safety pin is damaged or missing

5     If there is any obstacles in the guided rail.

6     Checking the wheels and bearings.

7     Checking all the sensors if all the safety function is operating ok.

8.    Check mobile base protectors or sensor protectors damaged or not

9.   Checking if the floor sank which resulted in improper usage of racking.

10   The stability of the rack system.



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