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  1. Product Introduction:

The mobile pallet racking system, which is also known as movable pallet rack, pallet racking on wheels, is composed of Conventional pallet racking installed on mobile bases, allowing opening and closing of the aisles. Where compact storage is need while keeping a high degree of accessibility to the stored products, mobile racking may be the best solution, especially where storage space is expensive, for example in cold stores. Mobile racking saves considerable space as the number of aisles is reduced to a minimum. 

Conventional static racking requires fixed aisles between racks, causing quite some redundant space. A mobile racking system is very efficient and only needs one aisle, creating a much higher warehouse industrial storage capacity. 

2. Mobile base structure:







Φ250 MO Cast Iron Wheels,45 Steel Tuning Wheel Shaft,Drive shaft Diameter 45


Mobile Base Frame

Main frames are press folded with 4.5mm thickness Steel plate and powder coated.


Transmission System

Free axis diameter 70, Each wheel has 2 bearings (Model.6215), Custom thickening Support


Drive Motors

  0.75KW, SUMITOMO Maintenance Free Motor,76*6.0 steel pipe transmission axile


Floor Rail

Concave Rail Section75*25,50# Steel; Flat Rail Section80*25.


3. Floor rail setting up.


  4. Advantages: 

  • Mobile racking can optimize available space, with high density storage and floor utilization; 
  • 80% compared to 40% in conventional pallet racking
  • Reduced costs per m2
  • Accessibility of each pallet, so high number of SKUs is allowed. 
  • Different pallet sizes can be stored more easily, compared to other high density storage solutions, where high demands are imposed onto the pallet dimensions and quality

 5. Packaging and Delivery:

1).Packaging details: Standard export package.

Long profiles are packed in bundles on plywood or steel pallets, and covered by plastic films. Between each package, air bags are also filled if necessary. For the thinner material such as steel decking, Edge protectors are applied. The small accessories and fasteners are packed inside of the carton boxes and fixed on pallets.

2).Delivery time: For the standard products, Our delivery time is 3 weeks after receipt of the 30% deposit. Other special application of racks can be delivered within 4-5 weeks.




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