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Industrial rack pallet runner system

 1.Product Specifications: 

Industrial rack pallet runner system, is also known as pallet shuttle system, radio shuttle system, which is a deep lane storage and retrieval system. Industrial rack pallet runner system consists of a specific rack and a mobile shuttle.Pallet Runner makes it possible to quickly store, retrieve and manage products with its eco-friendly, modern design. It has been the ideal choice for ambient warehouses, manufacturing facilities, 3PL centers, freezer facilities and more for over 10 years. It can get your pallets moving at LIFO or FIFO.


How Pallet Runner works

It is a semi-automated deep lane storage system, typically used for applications with minimal SKU's and high throughput.

--Optimization of Storing, loading and retrieving

--Optimization of space

--Perfect integration with the various logics: case picking - LIFO/FIFO

--Efficient organization of the warehouse

2. Industrial rack pallet runner system structure:

2.1 The pallet runner racking system: 

1. Frames

2. Double Support Arms

3. Supporting Beams.

4. Pallet rails

5.Single Support Arm

6. Bracings.

7. Top Beam


2.2 Pallet runners:


2.3 Batteries and Romete controls:



3.  Clear benefits and advantages: 

  • A pallet runner system offers highest possible density storage and is considered the best solution amongst not fully automated systems
  • The system is semi-automated and works in combination with a fork lift truck.
  • While the shuttle transports the load within the racking, the fork lift driver is free to work elsewhere, thus he is optimizing his working time.
  • Compact storage of another article (SKU) on every lane.
  • Ability to handle the pallets FIFO and LIFO. And the possibility to change at every time. Both can be available in the same block. What we call 'Maximum Flexibility' 

4. Pallet Runner Manufacturing:  

4.1 Parts of pallet runner are machined with NC lathe to ensure machining accuracy.

4.2 Important parts are subject to heat treatment.

4.3 All machining surfaces shall be nickel plated.

4.3 Sheet metal parts are cut by laser and bent by NC bending machine. Aluminum alloy panels are machined by NC machining center.

4.4 All welding are carbon-dioxide arc welding and argon arc welding.

4.5 Rack parts are treated with surface plastic spraying, and aluminum alloy panels are treated with sand blast anodizing.

4.6 Special workbench is equipped for assembly of pallet runner.

4.7 Each assembled pallet runner shall be tested on self track, and packed for delivery after test is passed.

4.8 All pallet runner shall be packed with individual wooden case. 


Basic data


Loading capacity max

Max 2000kg




0.8~1.5m/s (without load);

0.6~1.0m/s (with full load.)


Accelerate speed




Brush servo motor  48VDC  600W

DC servo motor


Lift height


Servo driver


Brush servo motor 48VDC  400-600W


Locating mode/


Running locating:laser     

Germany P+F/SICK

Pallets locating:laser    

Germany P+F/SICK

Lifting locating:Proximity Switches 

Germany P+F

Good detection

Background suppression

Germany P+F/SICK

Way of control

S7-200 PLC 



Working frequency 433MHZ,communication speed 100mm

Customized imported 


Two way communication with LCD screen, Working temp.:-30℃~+80℃  IP67





Lithium iron phosphate battery   


Battery parameters

48V,40AH,working hours≥8h,charging time 3h,Chargeable:1000times

Free maintenance

Speed Control

Servo control ,Low-speed constant torque





Environment temp.




Polyurethane cushion and set sensors.


 5. RFQ Documents:

Before you send us your requirement for quotation, please prepare the following information:

Warehouse layout CAD drawings if available.

Pallet size, entry side, width, depth, height of goods.

Loading weight per pallet.

Clear height of the warehouse

Your forklift information, working aisles width and max. reaching height.

Your intra logistic flow within the warehouse.

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