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How does different Material handling equipment match various racking application.


How does different Material handling equipment match various racking application.

According to diverse requirement of customers, industrial racking systems can be equipped with different material handling equipment. For example, we have many types of storage solutions such as drive in rack storage system, VNA rack storage system, double deep rack storage system, shuttle rack storage system, gravity rack storage system, push back rack storage system, electric mobile rack storage system. What type of forklift do you need for different rack systems?

 1. Drive in rack storage system:

Conventional forklift: Recommend electrical reach truck, forklift with narrow width drives into the racking lane with the guidance of floor rails.

2. VNA rack storage system

Three-way stacking forklift, it is also called man-up very narrow aisle fork truck. With the guide rail conventional use of unequal angle steel, narrow channel, inherited all the advantages of the pallet rack system.

3. Double depth rack storage system

Scissors forklift truck: the rack is designed to be double row side by side storage, height up to 8 meters, 50% sorting. The scissors forks can stretch out to reach the 2nd deep and realize double deep storage.

 4. Shuttle rack storage system

Conventional forklift and shuttle car: according to instructions from the shuttle between the racks for access, inventory and other operations. Forklift just need to put the pallets on the rails, the shuttle car will store and pick the goods automatically.

5. Gravity flow rack storage system

Conventional forklift with the leaning forks: Forklift will carry goods to the flow bed, which is made of rollers. Then the cargo use gravity to slide down to the picking side.

6. Push back rack storage system

Conventional forklift with sliding Trolley: The front and rear beams are overlapped by multi-layer trolleys. The stacked goods are pushed into the trolley from the outside. The stored goods will push the original goods into the trolley.


7. Electric mobile rack storage system

Mobile base with motorized carriage: Static racking is placed and fixed on the moving carriage, which is driven by PLC controlled mobile base. the racks are extremely stable, safe and secure from starting to braking. After one aisle is open, the forklift will be able to drive into the aisle and pick the goods.


Calin logistics is specialized in producing various pallet rack, electric mobile rack storage system, mezzanine and platform, shuttle car automatic storage system, push back rack, long span rack, drive in rack, carton flow rack, stacking rack and other related storage equipment. We strictly implements ISO9001, FEM10.2.02, SEMA standard in all operations. Calin offers a wide range of products to meet all of your order fulfillment & material handling needs: Whether you are looking to populate an entire warehouse or you are in need of a single piece of equipment, we have a solution for you.

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