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High Bay VNA Pallet Racking for warehouse storage

1. Product Description:
VNA rack is derived from the selective pallet racking, and only the floor guide rails are equipped. (Some trucks with magnetic conductance does not need floor guide rails). The Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) system handled with special handling equipment. The VNA truck with rotate mast or fork from left to right position to store in and pick up pallets from the aisle without turning. VNA truck can operate in margined aisle width and greater height than conventional truck.

VNA pallet rack Floor utilization is 50% and 100% selectivity, which is the best option for high-density storage.It is simple and good for first in first out application. The system is found in warehouse, super market, distribution center, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

Aisle width is approximately 1700-2000mm depends on reach height and pallet depth.
The system is designed for standard palletized goods. The size and weight of the goods, the specification of the VNA truck can be determined to design the racking structure. Rack beam height can be as high as 15m. Normally the working aisles for the VNA truck can be around 1800mm.


2.  The basic components

Selective pallet racking is composed of basic element such as frames and beams. It also consists of a full range of accessories to fulfill all of your requirements. The system is designed for the optimized storage of goods of all sizes and weights.




3. Packing and Delivery:

4. Factory Production:

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