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Heavy Duty mobile racking project supplied to Thailand


Heavy Duty mobile racking project supplied to Thailand   dated: 2020/1/8 

Shanghai Calin Logistics has been awarded the contract of heavy duty electrical mobile racking project for Thailand. This project is planned to be implemented in two phases. Floor guided rail for mobile racking was set up in Jan. of 2020. and the whole mobile rack system will be installed and completed by mid of March, 2020. 

This project is a heavy duty racking with 3.4m clear entry. Each level stores 3 pallets per bay and 3500kgs storage capacity per level. One set of mobile base takes a total dynamic load of 35 tons. The current floor is strengthened, and the 2nd level of 100mm height concrete floor is added after the floor guided rail is set. The mobile racking is 8m high, with 5 storage levels. Every storage level is equipped with wire mesh decking which can be used for different size of pallet. 


This is a strategic project for Shanghai Calin to enter Thailand market. Mobile racking is considered to have high demand for Thailand market. It is one of the best solution in some circumstances for high density compact storage and 100% selective. Shanghai Calin logistic Equipment Co.ltd focus more on mobile racking application, There are quite a number of mobile racking projects have been implemented since 2015. Calin Logistics are ready to offer good mobile racking system to other countries as well. 

Following some pictures taken on the installation site when the floor rail is being set up.

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