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Cold Storage Pallet Shuttle System

 1.Product Specifications: 

Cold Storage pallet shuttle system, is also called cold warehouse pallet shuttle system, pallet runner system cold store, shuttle rack cold store, which is a deep lane storage and retrieval system in a cold warehouse environment. The shuttle rack system consists of a specific rack and a mobile shuttle.

This shuttle is a self-powered device that runs on rails in the storage lanes for the loading and unloading of pallets. It is transported to its location at the front or the back of a lane (in case of open back side) by a standard forklift. Once at its home position, the shuttle performs the loading and unloading tasks without any human intervention.

These tasks are instructed by the fork lift driver using a remote control. Once the tasks are completed the shuttle returns to its home position and is then ready to be transported to a new location for a new task.

2.  Classification of pallet Shuttle system: 



Function description




Standard version

Domestic servo driver, brush servo motor, empty-load speed: 1.0m/s, full load: 0.8m/s

Standard configuration



High speed version


Domestic high-speed servo motor, domestic customized driver, empty-load speed: 1.5m/s, full load: 1.0m/s


High speed configuration



High end version


Imported servo driver, brushless servo motor, highest speed: 1.5m/s, maintenance-free motor


All importing configuration


Heavy load version

For few domestic consumers with 2T load, speed may slightly reduced.

Heavy load configuration


Low temperature version


System is designed for low temperature resistance and moisture proof, and components are low temperature model, which can normally work under -25℃.

Absolute low temperature without heating


Network version

WMS management software, vehicle-mounted system and radio shuttle are integrated to realize remote operation of forklift operator.



3. Warehouse conditions/Cold Store 

Please pay attention to the following points when operating a pallt shuttel system in a cold store.

  • Keep the shuttle always INSIDE the Cold Store
  • But charge the batteries always OUTSIDE the Cold Store
        charge only after warming up to normal temperature
  • So in 3 shift applications best to use 3 battery packs :

              1 working in the shuttle

              1 warming up

              1 charging in the battery station。

  • Battery and shuttle must be completely dry before connecting
  • For existing Cold Store Rooms check for condensation or icing on rails, floors
  • For NEW Cold Store Warehouses check if a intermediate area is foreseen between ambient and frozen zone, humidity around a frozen storage zone is prohibited


 4. Material and Methodology: 

4.1 Raw material

The raw material of uprights and beams are structure carbon steel Q235B, equivalent to SS400.  All components are manufactured to a code of practice as recommended by Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association(SEMA) and ISO 9001.. 

4.2 Paint finish

Parts contaminated with surface oil and dirt is first treated in the 5-stage-spray pretreatment plant. After the pretreatment process, the parts are dried in the dry-off oven at approximately 150 C to ensure removal of water and that the quality of phosphating is achieved.

Methodology:loading→degreasing→rinsing→phosphating→rinsing→ rinsing →

dry off →electric-static powder coating→baking→unloading;


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