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Calin win the bidding of warehouse storage system for Shanghai fire-fighting and Rescue Corp.


In May 2020, Shanghai Calin Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the procurement bidding project: the procurement of the warehouse materials for Shanghai Fire and Rescue Corps and Fighting Support Department, and officially received the bid-winning notice on July 14. This is one of the government procurement Bidding projects. Calin Logistics was finally selected as the trusted suppliers for the Government.

This project includes a full set of warehousing and logistics equipment for the expansion of the warehouse of the Shanghai Fire Fighting Support Department. Including: warehouse pallet racks, plastic pallets, electric pallet stackers, electric pallet trucks, WMS warehouse barcode system management software, handheld terminal PDA scanning equipment, wireless AP and other equipment.

The above-mentioned full set of equipment will provide the warehouse with systematic and complete warehouse material management. The warehouse is divided into two buildings, and each building is divided into 3 floors. The materials stored in it mainly include clothing and equipment. There are many types and irregularities. According to the different attributes of the goods, it will be divided into various forms such as shelf storage and ground pallet storage, and is equipped with a barcode scanning warehouse management system, and the import and export of goods can be scanned with a handheld terminal PDA. Manage operations such as warehousing, inventory, and transfer.
With the above equipment and system software, the management of fire-fighting materials will be improved to a higher level. At the same time, it also marks that Shanghai Calin Logistic Equipment Co., Ltd. has taken a new step in the field of logistics equipment and software integration.

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