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Our competitive advantages are mainly outlined as following:


1. Over 15 years of experience for racking and accessories manufacturing.

Our group manufacture plant actually started from 2004, Firstly we were the key supplier for one of the international racking company for racking accessories. We produced as per the standard of international brand. we also gained a lot of experience during our cooperation with them.

2. Techinical expertise for logistic engineering and racking total solution design.

Our senior management have over 15-20 years of experience of racking business. The co-founder of CALIN, Mr. Allan Guo, who has been worked as the senior manager for Schaefer, OTL. Before starting calin company, Mr. Allan Guo used to the Director for Stow China. He has extensive knowledge for not only the racking products and the market, but also providing overall storage total solutions.

Our chief engineer also has 15 years of experience for structure design, tooling mould design and development.

3. Factory capability.

Our factory takes the advantage of relatively lower cost in the area of Jiangsu province compared with Shanghai area, furthermore, the factory has almost extensive experience to produce related racking components, which ensure the stable quality standard and cost effective products.

Geographically, we have two factories both close to Nanjing and Shanghai.

4. Our people

We are proud to have our passionate and responsible team. As we mentioned in our company value. We believe Credibility, Ambitious, Learning, Innovation and Networking are the key for CALIN to be successful.

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